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Markus Wellmann mrwellmann

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mrwellmann / DependencyResolver.cs
Created Jul 27, 2021
DependencyResolver for Unity - This is essentially doing dependency injection.
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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Reflection;
/// <summary>
/// The dependency resolver allows classes to register themselves as the instance to be used for a given interface.
/// Other classes can then query the dependency resolver to get the instance to use.
/// This is essentially doing dependency injection.
mrwellmann / UnityHololens.gitignore
Created Mar 9, 2017
Template for Hololens Unity .gitignore file
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# =============== #
# Unity generated #
# =============== #
mrwellmann / RandomDistinctIntegers.cs
Created Oct 26, 2016
Random distinct integers for Unity
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using UnityEngine;
public static class RandomDistinctIntegers
/// <summary>
/// Generates distinct integers.
/// The Integers inside the array are not randomized. If n = range;
/// This Algorithm works good for a lager amount of numbers and uses less memory than Fischer.
/// Source:
/// </summary>
/// <param name="size"> Number of distinct values to generate.</param>
View Unity3DEmptyFolderTool.cs
/// <summary>
/// This tool helps to identify and remove empty folders from your Unity 3D project.
/// /// Why do I need this:
/// Empty folders are not committed by git but the connected meta files are.
/// So there will be a creation - deletion cycle between between person with and without such a folder.
/// /// Usage:
/// The tool adds a new menu Tools->Empty Folder Tool.
/// 1. If you "Toggle Auto Delete", every time you remove or move something in your project