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Generating Markov sentences from character dialog
# frozen_string_literal: true
require 'rubygems'
require 'bundler/setup'
require 'markovite'
# from_book: the filename (ending in .txt) of the Freddy book to read in
# character: the character's name to find dialog for (ie. Charles or Freddy)
def get_dialog(from_book, character)
# read the entire contents of the given file (book) into memory
book =
# split the ebook text into paragraphs by splitting it on a double newline,
# then trim all newlines out of each paragraph to ensure they are on a single line.
paragraphs = book.split("\n\n").map! { |p| "\n", ' ' }
# since the text uses Unicode smartquote characters, instead of regular "
# store them here for convenience
open_quote = "\u201c"
close_quote = "\u201d"
# This is a regular expression that matches any string between smart quotes,
# ie. “Freddy the detective”
dialog_matcher = /#{open_quote}(.+?)#{close_quote}/
all_paragraphs = []
paragraphs.each do |paragraph|
# For each paragraph, find all the dialog in it and store it in 'dialogs'
dialogs = paragraph.scan(dialog_matcher)
paragraph_no_dialog = paragraph
has_dialog = true
# then for each stored dialog, remove it from the paragraph
dialogs.each do |dialog|
dialog = dialog[0] if dialog.is_a? Array
paragraph_no_dialog = paragraph_no_dialog.sub dialog, ''
rescue TypeError => e
# do nothing
# a paragraph does NOT have dialog if it is equal to its dialog-stripped version
has_dialog = false if paragraph_no_dialog == paragraph
# if the dialog-stripped version contains the given character's name,
# assume that character is doing the talking
has_freddy = paragraph_no_dialog.scan(character).length >= 1
# push all dialogs by the character onto the main dialog stack for future reference
all_paragraphs.push dialogs.join ' ' if has_dialog && has_freddy
all_paragraphs.join ' '
def generate_sentence_for(character)
dialog_for_char = []
Dir.entries('books/').each do |book|
if File.file? ('books/' + book)
dialog_for_char.push get_dialog 'books/' + book, character
chain =
chain << dialog_for_char.join(' ')
chain.make_sentence_of_length 140
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