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Maria Vatranis ms-vague

  • New Orleans
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Safe Bathrooms App
Find a safe restroom for LGBTQIA+ individuals in New Orleans.
As a user...
I should be able to rate/leave a review for the establishment.
I should be able to be anonymous.
I should be able to search using a zip code.
I should be able to see a short description of the establishment to determine if I want to use the restroom there.
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// get all
// limit and sort
sort({name: 1}).
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// Echo endpoint //!/rune-cut?path=server.js:13:36
// This what I had before my thirty minutes were up:
const express = require('express');
const app = express();
// your code here!
app.get('/echo/:what', (req, res) => res.json({'host': , 'query':, 'params':, });
// I screwed up some of the syntax before res.json. Also was trying to hardcode an actual object for the res.json. //
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I have to change what I wanted to do for my API Hack Front-end Capstone.
Originally I wanted to use the Vimeo Web API and the Open Trivia Database API.
After going to an open capstone Q&A with Kristen, we realized I wouldn't be able to use the Vimeo API. It uses OAuth, which is
a little advanced for what I can do with my Front-end Capstone. Therefore, I'm presenting another idea.
I want to use the Google Fonts API. I'm going to take the data and have it preview on the fly using some type of sorting method.
The user will be able to fontpair and try it out on the app/site live in the browser using jQuery.
ms-vague / userflow
Created Feb 5, 2017
Capstone User Flow
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introduce website concept - home screen - {facebook and twitter links}
user clicks button
random movie appears (w/ description)
user clicks until satisfied w/ choice
ms-vague / capstone
Last active Feb 7, 2017
API Hack Capstone
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I want to do something that incorporates my interest in pop culture.
I love movies. Preferably bad movies.
So, for my capstone I want to share my love of bad movies. I was thinking of making a random bad movie generator.
I will use the Vimeo API that will filter only B grade movies:
It will also filter by user ‘likes’:
The more likes it has, a better quality bad movie.
ms-vague / eventlistdrills
Last active Jan 7, 2017
Event Listener Drills
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// lightbulb toggle //,js,output
ms-vague / advobjectsdrills
Last active Dec 29, 2016
Advanced Objects Drills
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// frequent word //,console
// data merge //,console
(Why do the first and second key start with underscores? 'results[key][_key] = otherData[_key];')
// receipe factory //,output
ms-vague / objectbasicdrills
Created Dec 28, 2016
Object Basic Drills
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