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Last active December 15, 2021 21:13
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wp_remote_get_with_cache – Fetches remote data with dual-layer caching
* Fetches remote data with dual-layer caching.
* Uses wp_remote_get to fetch remote data. The data is cached twice: it's
* stored in a transient and an option. The transient is used as the main cache
* but if the transient has expired and the remote site doesn't respond,
* backup data from the option is returned.
* @param string $url The URL of the remote resource.
* @param string $key The name of the option and the transient.
* @param array $args Argument array that is passed on to wp_remote_get().
* Default empty array.
* @param int $expiry The expiration length of the transient, default
* @param string $callback A callback function that is applied to the data
* before it's saved in the transient and option. Default null.
* @see wp_remote_get()
* @return string The remote data set, JSON encoded.
function wp_remote_get_with_cache( $url, $key, $args = array(), $expiry = DAY_IN_SECONDS, $callback = null ) {
$data = get_transient( $key );
if ( $data ) {
// Data found in cache, return that.
return json_decode( $data );
$response = wp_remote_get( $url, $args );
if ( ! is_array( $response ) ) {
// Couldn't get the remote data, set the transient for an hour to avoid
// bothering the server and return backup data.
$json_encoded_data = json_decode( get_option( $key ) );
set_transient( $key, $json_encoded_data, HOUR_IN_SECONDS );
return $json_encoded_data;
$fetched_data = $response['body'];
if ( is_callable( $callback ) ) {
$fetched_data = call_user_func( $callback, $fetched_data );
$json_encoded_data = wp_json_encode( $fetched_data );
set_transient( $key, $json_encoded_data, $expiry );
update_option( $key, $json_encoded_data );
return $fetched_data;
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