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diff --git a/conda/core/ b/conda/core/
index ec4a60958..cde9b5b75 100644
--- a/conda/core/
+++ b/conda/core/
@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ import bz2
from collections import defaultdict
from contextlib import closing
from errno import EACCES, ENODEV, EPERM, EROFS
+from functools import partial
from genericpath import getmtime, isfile
import hashlib
from io import open as io_open
@@ -26,7 +27,7 @@ from ..base.constants import CONDA_HOMEPAGE_URL, CONDA_PACKAGE_EXTENSION_V1, REP
from ..base.context import context
from ..common.compat import (ensure_binary, ensure_text_type, ensure_unicode, iteritems, iterkeys,
string_types, text_type, with_metaclass)
-from import ThreadLimitedThreadPoolExecutor, as_completed
+from import ThreadLimitedThreadPoolExecutor, DummyExecutor
from ..common.url import join_url, maybe_unquote
from ..core.package_cache_data import PackageCacheData
from ..exceptions import (CondaDependencyError, CondaHTTPError, CondaUpgradeError,
@@ -77,17 +78,24 @@ class SubdirData(object):
def query_all(package_ref_or_match_spec, channels=None, subdirs=None,
from .index import check_whitelist # TODO: fix in-line import
+ # ensure that this is not called by threaded code
+ create_cache_dir()
if channels is None:
channels = context.channels
if subdirs is None:
subdirs = context.subdirs
channel_urls = all_channel_urls(channels, subdirs=subdirs)
- with ThreadLimitedThreadPoolExecutor() as executor:
- futures = tuple(executor.submit(
- SubdirData(Channel(url), repodata_fn=repodata_fn).query, package_ref_or_match_spec
- ) for url in channel_urls)
- return tuple(concat(future.result() for future in as_completed(futures)))
+ subdir_query = lambda url: tuple(SubdirData(Channel(url), repodata_fn=repodata_fn).query(
+ package_ref_or_match_spec))
+ # TODO test timing with ProcessPoolExecutor
+ Executor = (DummyExecutor if context.debug or context.repodata_threads == 1
+ else partial(ThreadLimitedThreadPoolExecutor,
+ max_workers=context.repodata_threads))
+ with Executor() as executor:
+ result = tuple(concat(, channel_urls)))
+ return result
def query(self, package_ref_or_match_spec):
if not self._loaded:
@@ -624,7 +632,11 @@ def cache_fn_url(url, repodata_fn=REPODATA_FN):
# url must be right-padded with '/' to not invalidate any existing caches
if not url.endswith('/'):
url += '/'
- url += repodata_fn
+ # add the repodata_fn in for uniqueness, but keep it off for standard stuff.
+ # It would be more sane to add it for everything, but old programs (Navigator)
+ # are looking for the cache under keys without this.
+ if repodata_fn != REPODATA_FN:
+ url += repodata_fn
md5 = hashlib.md5(ensure_binary(url)).hexdigest()
return '%s.json' % (md5[:8],)
@@ -636,6 +648,6 @@ def add_http_value_to_dict(resp, http_key, d, dict_key):
def create_cache_dir():
- cache_dir = join(PackageCacheData.first_writable(context.pkgs_dirs).pkgs_dir, 'cache')
+ cache_dir = join(PackageCacheData.first_writable().pkgs_dir, 'cache')
return cache_dir
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