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A spreadsheet generator implementation that uses PHPEXCEL
namespace App\Library\Generators;
use PHPExcel\PHPExcel;
use PHPExcel\PHPExcel_IOFactory;
use PHPExcel\PHPExcel_Cell;
class SpreadSheetGenerator{
* Returns an excel file created from the supplied
* details, headers and data
* @param array $details
* @param array $headers
* @param array $data
* @return resource
public static function generate($details,$headers,$data){
$ea = new \PHPExcel();
$headers = array_map(function($header){
return strtoupper($header);
->setKeywords('direct debit orders report')
//set the number of columns
$nCols = count($headers);
// make the columns autosized columns
foreach (range(0, $nCols) as $col) {
$sheet = $ea->getSheet(0);
// write data to sheet
$sheet->fromArray($headers,' ','A1');
$sheet->fromArray($data,' ','A2');
// bolden the headers
$first_letter = \PHPExcel_Cell::stringFromColumnIndex(0);
$last_letter = \PHPExcel_Cell::stringFromColumnIndex(count($headers)-1);
$header_range = "{$first_letter}1:{$last_letter}1";
// Save and output the excel file
$writer = \PHPExcel_IOFactory::createWriter($ea, 'Excel2007');
header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="report.xlsx');
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