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A marshalling function for Normalizr
'use strict';
const getEntity = function(id, key, entities){
const ent = entities[key][id];
if(ent === undefined || ent === null){
console.log(`Missing object ${key} ${id}`);
return ent;
* Marshals a Normalized object back to a full object based on the schema definition
const marshal = function(obj, schema, entities){
if(obj === undefined || obj === null)
return null;
let newObject = {};
for(let key in obj){
if(obj[key] && schema.hasOwnProperty(key)){
//we have a sub schema and a not null value
//we need to see if the key is an array
if(obj[key] instanceof Array){
let aEntities = [];
for(let id of obj[key]){
const ent = getEntity(id, schema[key].getKey(),entities);
aEntities.push(marshal(ent, schema[key],entities));
newObject[key] = aEntities;
} else {
const ent = getEntity(obj[key], schema[key].getKey(), entities);
//replace the id with the object from the entities store
newObject[key] = marshal(ent, schema[key],entities);
newObject[key] = obj[key];
return newObject;
export {
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