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Last active January 12, 2022 18:14
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Hello few months ago around September i was looking for a good side project in crypto and i get contact from my friend to Sebastian we talked a bit he showed me governance and becuase this project has good mission and is very much in line with my beliefs i started to work part time on the project it self.
Description what has been done for the past few months and how much each feature took me to implemented, its all live now.
Multiple realms ui - 11h
Create proposal ui with transfer tokens and execute custom instructions + all create proposal things related - 36h
Mint instruction + program upgrade instructions, code optimization and improvements - 15h 40min
Treasury accounts component, send tokens, account overview, price calculating + more improvements - 28h
Front end security improvements - 5h
ATAs feature that making it available to send tokens straight to wallets from treasury - 9h 30min
Members component - 14h
Next ui improvements + code - 8h
Assets/program management - 6h
Outside realm members - feature that makes it possible to see who from active members holds tokens outside realm - 6h
Mostly things named code or ui improvements was refactors or many small things that Sebastian/or me detect on ui that can make it to be better ux or faster experience.
Total of 139h and 10mins
My GitHub profile:
Governance ui commits:
If you think all of this is usefull for mango I would like to propose 10500 USDC + 80k MNGO as a grant amount.
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