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Last active Mar 26, 2021
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Git Churn command

Instructions for running on Windows 10 (via Ubuntu Bash)

  1. Open Ubuntu bash environment shell
  2. Install dependencies
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install git curl
  3. Create bin directory in your home folder
    mkdir -p ~/bin
  4. Download git-churn script into ~/bin
    curl -o ~/bin/git-churn
  5. Mark the churn script as executable
    chmod 775 ~/bin/git-churn
  6. Switch to a cloned copy of the repository
    git churn > lifetime-churn.txt
    git churn --since='3 months ago' > recent-churn.txt
# Scriptified by Gary Bernhardt
# Slightly modified by M. Scott Ford
# Put this anywhere on your $PATH (~/bin is recommended). Then git will see it
# and you'll be able to do `git churn`.
# Show churn for whole repo:
# $ git churn
# Show churn for specific directories:
# $ git churn app lib
# Show churn for a time range:
# $ git churn --since='1 month ago'
# (These are all standard arguments to `git log`.)
# you might move this to `~/bin`, mark as executable, and then you'll be able to run it with
# `git churn`
set -e
git log --all --find-renames --find-copies --name-only --format='format:' "$@" | sort | grep -v '^$' | uniq -c | sort -n | awk 'BEGIN {print "count\tfile"} {print $1 "\t" $2}'
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