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mskutin /
Created Aug 11, 2020 — forked from krisleech/
Renew Expired GPG key

Renew GPG key

Given that your key has expired.

$ gpg --list-keys
$ gpg --edit-key KEYID

Use the expire command to set a new expire date:

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# config file for ansible --
# ===============================================
# nearly all parameters can be overridden in ansible-playbook
# or with command line flags. ansible will read ANSIBLE_CONFIG,
# ansible.cfg in the current working directory, .ansible.cfg in
# the home directory or /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg, whichever it
# finds first
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"basics": {
"name": "Maksim Skutin",
"label": "DevOps Engineer",
"picture": "",
"email": "",
"phone": "",
"website": "",
"summary": "Continuous progress on professional and personal fronts through all round skills with emphasis on assigned targets.",
"location": {
mskutin / sts-assume.log
Created Feb 4, 2019
Error configuring the backend "s3": The role "arn:aws:iam::##REPLACED_AWS_ACCOUNT_ID##:role/Terragrunt" cannot be assumed.
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ms at ms in ~/Documents/src/bitbucket/sb/sb/sb-mono/infra/live/accounts/sb-dev/ap-southeast-1/dev/vpc (add-terraform-template●●)
$ TF_LOG=trace AWS_PROFILE=sb-dev@ms terragrunt plan --terragrunt-iam-role arn:aws:iam::##REPLACED_AWS_ACCOUNT_ID##:role/Terragrunt >> assume.log
[terragrunt] [/Users/ms/Documents/src/bitbucket/sb/sb/sb-mono/infra/live/accounts/sb-dev/ap-southeast-1/dev/vpc] 2019/02/04 12:47:39 Running command: terraform --version
[terragrunt] 2019/02/04 12:47:39 Reading Terragrunt config file at /Users/ms/Documents/src/bitbucket/sb/sb/sb-mono/infra/live/accounts/sb-dev/ap-southeast-1/dev/vpc/terraform.tfvars
[terragrunt] 2019/02/04 12:47:41 Assuming IAM role arn:aws:iam::##REPLACED_AWS_ACCOUNT_ID##:role/Terragrunt
[terragrunt] 2019/02/04 12:47:41 WARNING: no double-slash (//) found in source URL /terraform-aws-modules/terraform-aws-vpc.git. Relative paths in downloaded Terraform code may not work.
[terragrunt] 2019/02/04 12:47:41 Terraform files in /Users/ms/Documents/src/bitbucket/sb/sb/sb-mono/
mskutin / get-apigw-usage.ps1
Last active Nov 12, 2020
Posh script to generate an API Gateway weekly usage report in plain HTML. Ensure you have AWS Tools installed
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Import-Module -Name AWSPowerShell
Set-DefaultAWSRegion 'ap-southeast-1'
$numberOfDays = 7
$fileName = ('Gateways-' + (get-date -f yyyy-MM-dd-HH-mm-s) + '.html')
$reportLocation = Join-Path (Get-Location).path $fileName
$withMetrics = @()
$Header = @"
mskutin / Jenkinsfile
Created Dec 13, 2017 — forked from jonico/Jenkinsfile
Example for a full blown Jenkins pipeline script with multiple stages, input steps, injected credentials, heroku deploy, sonarqube and artifactory integration, multiple Git commit statuses, PR merge vs branch build detection, REST API calls to GitHub deployment API, stage timeouts, stage concurrency constraints, ...
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import groovy.json.JsonOutput
import groovy.json.JsonSlurper
Please make sure to add the following environment variables:
HEROKU_PREVIEW=<your heroku preview app>
HEROKU_PREPRODUCTION=<your heroku pre-production app>
HEROKU_PRODUCTION=<your heroku production app>
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mskutin /
Created Apr 19, 2017 — forked from dfetterman/
Lambda function that takes ECS Cloudwatch events and sends a notification to Slack
# Written by Dane Fetterman on 12/1/2016
# Where they use a cloud watch event from ECS to notify a SNS topic. We're
# sending a notification directly to slack instead
import requests
import json
from boto3 import session, client