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Marco Schuster msmuenchen

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msmuenchen / svnadmin-upgrade-all.php
Created Nov 18, 2015
Mass upgrade of svn repositories
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//This script updates all repositories in a huge root directory to current svnformat
//Generate said file with find . -maxdepth 1 -type d > list
foreach($repos as $repo) {
exec("svnadmin upgrade $repo",$out,$rc);
echo "$repo failed\n";
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"imei"=>"666", //server does not seem to check this
"curversion"=>'xxx', //get this using fiddler or any http sniffer
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echo "Established context:\n";
msmuenchen / gist:9318327
Last active May 27, 2020
KeePass v2.x (KDBX v3.x) file format
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Convention: Byte array notation as it would appear in a hexeditor.
= Layout=
KDBX files, the keepass database files, are layout as follows:
1) Bytes 0-3: Primary identifier, common across all kdbx versions:
private static $sigByte1=[0x03,0xD9,0xA2,0x9A];
2) Bytes 4-7: Secondary identifier. Byte 4 can be used to identify the file version (0x67 is latest, 0x66 is the KeePass 2 pre-release format and 0x55 is KeePass 1)
msmuenchen / kdg-bot.php
Last active Dec 14, 2016
Automatic login bot for Kabel Deutschland 30-Min Free Wifi Hotspot
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Kabel Deutschland 30-Min Free Wifi Hotspot Auto-Login bot for Linux and Windows
According to the ToC, there is nothing which forbids the usage of this tool, but you have to accept and act by them.
See for details.
Windows Install:
1) Install PHP
1.1) Grab and unpack
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