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Created October 30, 2014 14:30
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  1. Add to index.php

register_shutdown_function(function () {
  $namespace = "somename";
  $filename = '/tmp/' . uniqid() . '.' . $namespace . '.sample_xhprof';
  file_put_contents($filename, serialize(xhprof_sample_disable()));
  chmod($filename, 0777);
  1. Make a bunch of requests
  2. Move sample files into a directory
mkdir some-dir
mv /tmp/*.sample_xhprof some-dir/
  1. Get flamegraph scripts
git clone
git clone
  1. Create flamegraph from sample files
xhprof-flamegraphs/xhprof-sample-to-flamegraph-stacks test-samples | FlameGraph/ > result.svg
open result.svg
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