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Mitchell Szczepanczyk msszczep

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msszczep / lton2.clj
Created May 15, 2018
letters->numbers in Clojure, Take 2
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(defn l->n [input]
"Given a string and the sequence a = 1, b = 2, ... z = 26, compute the total for the string.
Get a bonus point if the sequence 'zachary' appears in the string."
(let [point-values (zipmap (map char "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz")
(range 1 27))
bonus-point (if (re-find #"zachary" (clojure.string/lower-case input)) 1 0)]
(->> input
(map char)
(map point-values)
(cons bonus-point)
msszczep / wordbox.clj
Created May 13, 2018
Wordbox in Clojure
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(defn get-wordboxes [word]
"Given a word like 'cat', make all possible wordboxes in English. Here's an example wordbox:
Note that the words 'cog', 'ten' and 'gun' come from the word 'cat'.
The code below is too slow for words of four-letters-long or longer. I was hoping to make a full-fledged
msszczep / lton.clj
Created May 4, 2018
letters->numbers in Clojure
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(defn letters->numbers [letters]
(let [letter-map (zipmap (map char "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz")
(range 1 27))]
(->> letters
(map char)
(map letter-map)
(reduce +))))
msszczep / p112.clj
Created Apr 8, 2018
In progress solutions for 4Clojure problem #112
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(defn p112-take1 [n d]
(letfn [(recast-to-vec [acc]
(let [num-left (count (re-seq #"\[" (apply str acc)))
num-right (count (re-seq #"\]" (apply str acc)))
updated-seq (concat acc (repeat (- num-left num-right) "]"))]
(read-string (apply str (interpose " " updated-seq)))))
(recast-to-int [s]
(Integer. (clojure.string/replace s #"[\]\[]" "")))]
(loop [acc-value 0
acc-structure []
msszczep / scramboni.clj
Last active Apr 1, 2018
Scramboni in Clojure
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(defn scramboni [rack]
"Find all playable words in a given Scrabble rack. Use asterisks for blanks."
(letfn [(every-but-n? [n pred coll]
(->> coll
(map (comp (fn [x] (if x :true :false)) pred))
(merge {:false 0})
(>= n)))]
(let [scrabble-words (->> "/home/mitchells/Desktop/npr_sunday_puzzle_solutions/resources/ospd3.txt"
msszczep /
Last active Feb 1, 2018
Python Toolbox files (with some shell and Perl as well)
import sys
text = sys.argv[1]
print text
msszczep / gist:08dda9b2f4e1cdad2c00
Last active Jan 6, 2018
Subanagram Generator Draft in Clojure
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(defn subanagram-generator [submitted-word]
(let [words (->> (slurp "/Users/msszczep1/Scripts/npr_puzzle_scripts/ni2.txt")
submitted-word-freqs (merge
(zipmap "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" (repeat 26 0))
(frequencies (clojure.string/lower-case submitted-word)))]
(->> words
(filter (fn [word]
(let [lc-word (clojure.string/lower-case word)]
(every? #(<= ((frequencies lc-word) %)
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msszczep / SubanagramGenerator.elm
Created Sep 4, 2017
Subanagram Generator in Elm
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port module SubanagramGenerator exposing (..)
import Html exposing (..)
import Html.Attributes exposing (..)
import Html.Events exposing (..)
import Html.App as App
import String exposing (toLower, toList)
import Ni2Dictionary
import Char exposing (isLower)
import Dict exposing (Dict)
msszczep / faceoff.clj
Created Jun 10, 2017
Faceoff: America's favorite new card game -- in Clojure
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(ns faceoff.core)
;; Make deck of cards, shuffle
;; loop:
;; does a player have zero cards?
;; if yes: game over
;; if no: faceoff
;; determine winner, winner gets cards added
;; if tie:
;; does 1 player have < 5 cards