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Petition card HTML for embeddable widgets
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<span>Petition by Mercy Corps <span class="type-weak">with 27,767 supporters</span></span>
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<img src="./embedded-petition_files/VUqtKgyhLsBogeC-800x450-noPad.jpg" alt="Please stop the imminent execution of Ivan Teleguz, an innocent man">
<p class="type-s type-weak mts mbxxxs phm">To the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate</p>
<div class="mbxl phm">
<h4 class="mtn">
Increase the funding for International Disaster Assistance
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<p style="height: 4.5em">
It's that time of year again: when Congress begins to decide what
programs to fund &mdash; and what programs to cut. On the chopping block is
International Disaster Assistance and Migration and Refugee Assistance
funding &mdash; which includes lifesaving emergency aid for Syrians and the
millions of other families who will experience a humanitarian crisis
this year. President Obama's proposed budget woefully underfunds
humanitarian aid programs: for example, he is recommending cutting
International Disaster Assistance funding by 30 percent from current
levels. Now Congress has the opportunity to fix this.
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