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Created January 27, 2019 08:38
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#This scripts creates a dump file from your local MySQL database
#Then changes the siteurl and home columns in the wp_potions table to your Heroku website's url
#Then restores your ClearDB cloud database (Heroku, Wordpress) with this .sql file
#To get host, run herok config --app appname to get the part that looks like
#Rest can be found in Heroku > app > cleardb > database > stem information
mysqldump -u root -pCHANGEME databasename > appname-$(date +%F)-local-to-cleardb.sql
sed -i -e "s/utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci/utf8mb4_unicode_ci/g" appname-$(date +%F)-local-to-cleardb.sql
sed -i -e "s/'siteurl','https:\/\/localhost'/'siteurl','http:\/\/\/'/g" appname-$(date +%F)-local-to-cleardb.sql
sed -i -e "s/'home','https:\/\/localhost'/'home','http:\/\/\/'/g" appname-$(date +%F)-local-to-cleardb.sql
mysql --host=changeme --user=changeme --password=changeme --reconnect heroku_changeme < appname-$(date +%F)-local-to-cleardb.sql
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