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Created April 26, 2017 00:09
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Test with diagram

CakePHP events timeline

Events timeline for standard CakePHP actions. These events were taken from the DebugKit's Timeline

Index, View

Core Processing (Derived from $_SERVER["REQUEST_TIME"])

  • Event: Controller.initialize (Cookbook)
  • Event: Controller.startup (Cookbook)
  • Controller action (view)
    • (all used caches) (Cookbook)
  • Event: Controller.beforeRender (Cookbook)
  • View Render start
    • Event: View.beforeRender (Cookbook)
    • Render views, elements, cells...
    • Event: View.afterRender (Cookbook)
    • Event: View.beforeLayout (Cookbook)
    • Render layout, elements, cells...
  • Event: View.afterLayout (Cookbook)
  • Event: Controller.shutdown (Cookbook)

Diagram :

participant Controller.initialize as A
participant Controller.startup as B
participant Controller.beforeRender as C
participant View.beforeRender as D
participant View.afterRender as E
participant View.beforeLayout as F
participant View.afterLayout as G
participant Controller.shutdown as H

Note right of B: Controller action
Note right of C: View render start
Note right of D: Render view elements
Note right of F: Render layout elements cells

A->B: xxx
B->C: xxx
C->D: xxx
D->E: xxx
E->F: xxx
F->G: xxx
G->H: xxx




Found in files

** \Cake\ORM\Behavior::implementedEvents()**

'Model.beforeMarshal' => 'beforeMarshal',
'Model.beforeFind' => 'beforeFind',
'Model.beforeSave' => 'beforeSave',
'Model.afterSave' => 'afterSave',
'Model.afterSaveCommit' => 'afterSaveCommit',
'Model.beforeDelete' => 'beforeDelete',
'Model.afterDelete' => 'afterDelete',
'Model.afterDeleteCommit' => 'afterDeleteCommit',
'Model.buildValidator' => 'buildValidator',
'Model.buildRules' => 'buildRules',
'Model.beforeRules' => 'beforeRules',
'Model.afterRules' => 'afterRules',
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