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Last active Mar 31, 2019
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let scrollstep = 150
let fullpagescrollpercent = 100
"set nohud
"set autohidecursor
map e goToInput
"open link in new tab (active)
map F createActiveTabbedHint
set smoothscroll
set noautofocus
map <C-i> goForward
map <C-o> goBack
"r でURLバーにフォーカス @動かない
map r <A-d>
"e で入力フォームにカーソル移動
map e goToInput
"d でタブを閉じる
map d closeTab
"u で閉じたタブを復元
map u lastClosedTab
"Ctrl-g で選択した文字を検索する
map <C-g> :execute vyP<CR>
map R reloadTabUncached
map <C-d> scrollFullPageDown
map <C-u> scrollFullPageUp
map F createActiveTabbedHint
"==={Tab Navigation}===
map d closeTab
map h previousTab
map l nextTab
map ga firstTab
map ge lastTab
map gh closeTabLeft
map gl closeTabRight
"gn* で新しいタブで設定したページを開く
"go* で既存のタブに設定したページを開く
"例文:let qmark * = ["URL"]
let qmark a = ["chrome://apps/"]
let qmark c = [""]
let qmark d = [""]
let qmark C = [""]
let qmark l = [""]
let qmark E = ["chrome://extensions/"]
let qmark y = [""]
let qmark t = [""]
let qmark v = ["chrome-extension://ihlenndgcmojhcghmfjfneahoeklbjjh/pages/options.html"]
let qmark s =["chrome://settings/"]
let qmark z = [""]
let qmark X = ["chrome://extensions/"]
let qmark d = [""]
let locale = "jp"
" completionengines
let completionengines = ["google"]
" defaultengine
let defaultengine = ""
" a でアマゾンを検索
" Amazon
let searchengine amazon = ""
let searchalias a = "amazon"
" n で日古を検索
let searchengine kosho = ""
let searchalias n = "kosho"
"ms でまつおか書房の在庫を日古で検索
let searchengine kosho_matsuoka = ""
let searchalias ms = "kosho_matsuoka"
let searchalias js = "javascript"
let searchalias gas = "googleappscript"
let searchalias vimp = "vimperator"
let searchalias gss = "googleスプレッドシート"
let searchalias il = "illustrator"
let searchalias id = "indesign"
"==={Hint a Hit}===
"f キーのリンクの文字設定
let hintcharacters = "fjrutygheidkws"
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