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Test if our ping is good enough to play Rocket League
import platform
import re
import subprocess
from statistics import mean
def pings(*, url='', count=10):
if platform.system() == 'Windows':
flag = '-n'
flag = '-c'
result =['ping', flag, str(count), url],
match = re.findall(r'time=([\d.]+)', str(result.stdout))
return sorted(float(n) for n in match)
def diagnose(ping):
# TODO: Packet loss.
errors = []
if ping[-1] - ping[0] >= 20:
errors.append('Latency Variation')
if ping[-1] >= 100:
errors.append('High Latency')
return errors
if __name__ == '__main__':
ping = pings()
errors = diagnose(ping)
print(f'Min = {ping[0]} ms, Max = {ping[-1]} ms, Avg = {mean(ping):.2f} ms')
if errors:
print(f"Errors: {', '.join(errors)}")
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