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View Overrides.swift
class BaseClass {
class func entityName() -> String {
return ""
class FirstClass: BaseClass {
override class func entityName() -> String {
return "FirstClass"
View Protocol-typealias.swift
protocol SomeProtocol {
typealias SomeFunc = () -> Void
extension SomeProtocol {
func doSomething(someFunc: SomeFunc) {
someFunc() // Invalid use of '()' to call a value of non-function type 'Self.SomeFunc'
View Protocol-Inheritance.swift
protocol A {}
protocol B: A {}
protocol C {
var something: A { get set }
struct BB: B {}
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Last active Dec 16, 2015
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Picking Up Issues

####Issue Classifications

  • Defect: These are known bugs. The issue should also contain steps to reproduce. Feel free to fix these and submit a pull request.
  • Enhancement: These are planned enhancements that have not been picked up yet. If you would like to work on one, please add a comment that you are doing so.
  • Discussion: These are issues that can be non-issues, and encompass best practices, or plans for the future.
  • Quick: These are small issues, that should be able to be fixed quickly. Normally these issues don't stay around for very long.
mtitolo / todo
Created Apr 1, 2013
My ToDo app
View todo
set theFile to (path to desktop as text) & "todo.txt"
tell application "Finder"
open file theFile
end tell
mtitolo / open instaweb in chrome
Last active Dec 11, 2015
How to get instaweb running on OSX and opening in Chrome. Run these commands!
View open instaweb in chrome
$ brew install lighttpd
$ git config --global instaweb.browser ch
$ git config --global "open -a \"/Applications/Google\""
mtitolo /
Created Jul 23, 2012 — forked from alunny/
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