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npm aliases for local vs global cli tools. Generated by
# This file was generated by /Users/smithm/dev/new-dotfiles/npm-module-aliases
# Generated: Friday, October 2nd, 2015 @ 14:55:31
alias npm-exec="PATH=$(npm bin):$PATH"
alias _mocha="npm-exec _mocha"
alias babel="npm-exec babel"
alias babel-external-helpers="npm-exec babel-external-helpers"
alias babel-node="npm-exec babel-node"
alias babel-plugin="npm-exec babel-plugin"
alias cake="npm-exec cake"
alias coffee="npm-exec coffee"
alias dateformat="npm-exec dateformat"
alias eslint="npm-exec eslint"
alias flow="npm-exec flow"
alias grunt="npm-exec grunt"
alias gulp="npm-exec gulp"
alias instant-markdown-d="npm-exec instant-markdown-d"
alias mocha="npm-exec mocha"
alias n="npm-exec n"
alias nodemon="npm-exec nodemon"
alias reveal-md="npm-exec reveal-md"
alias webpack="npm-exec webpack"
alias webpack-dev-server="npm-exec webpack-dev-server"
alias yo="npm-exec yo"
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