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Last active December 19, 2020 11:48
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Simplify Amazon URL

Simplify Amazon URL: Automator action for Safari

  • This is an Automator service/quick action that generates a clean and simple URL for Amazon product pages on Mac Safari
  • It removes all unnecessary parameters from URL, such as search queries and product names
  • Simplified link will be copied to the clipboard





  • Make new "Quick Action" in Automator
    • Add "Run Apple Script" as an action
    • Copy and paste the script
    • Save
  • Allow JavaScipt execution by Automator on Safari
    • On Safari: Menubar > Develop > Allow JavaScript from Apple Events
    • If the Develop menu is not enabled yet, follow the procedures here.


  • Open an Amazon product page which you want to simplify its URL
  • Menubar > Safari > Services > Simplify Amazon link
  • Simplified link will be copied to the clipboard
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