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Last active October 6, 2023 17:22
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OSCP Voucher Give Away

TL;DR - I'm giving away 3 vouchers for PWK (60 days of labs + test).

Why? A very good friend of mine (@carnal0wnage) has taught me a lot of valuable lessons in my life, a recent one is how there is enough good to go around for everyone. Just because someone got X (that job, bonus, or ShmooCon ticket (sales go live this Friday)) doesn't mean you can't get X too or Y (well, not sure if that applies to ShmooCon). Anyways, I have personally and professionally had so many great opportunities in my career so far that has propelled me into where I am today (not saying I didn't work my butt off for them, but luck and life played parts as well). So, in honor of that lesson and as a thanks to the universe for my success this is what I'm doing.

Who can apply for one?

While I won't do any background checks or OSINT on you, if you could easily pay for the OSCP yourself please don't apply, everyone else is more than welcome.

Note: These vouchers expire in 9 months, so if you aren't going to be ready to start the labs within that time perioud please do not apply (I believe they give you a while before you have to take the test after the labs so don't worry much about that)

How do you get one?

I personally put four traits above all else (for myself):

  1. Respect (of time - it's the one resource none of us can add to).
  2. Perseverance (and knowing when to move on)
  3. Humility (not self-deprecation)
  4. Resourcefulness (to be good at infosec you need to have eyes wide open and see everything as a resource, just like movie spies using a bread pan to fight off a skilled knife fighter)

So the three people who demonstrate those three traits through the following challenges will win the vouchers.

Challenge 1: 2 (also known as "two", or II, два, dos, दो, zwei, or اثنان) Twitter direct messages (DMs are open so no requirement to follow) from people you have worked with (be it a professional environment, a project or CTF, etc). They need to tell me about you and why they think you'd need the PWK voucher. This challenge is about humility (to ask people to do this for you), respect for people's time (you need to let them know that you appreciate them taking the time out of their busy day to do this for you), and perseverance (finding two people to do this for you isn't always easy). If the people you have worked with don't have Twitter that's fine. Email: (mubix at with subject line of: PWK Voucher Contest) - Remember to have them mention your twitter handle or however you are contacting me so I can correlate who they are talking about.

Challenge 2: Email or DM me one infosec topic you are passionate about (no length requirement, but it needs to be long enough for me to understand that you have the drive and passion to complete the PWK/OSCP). Topics can be as broad or as specific as you want.

Challenge 3: If you complete Challenge 1 and 2, I will pose a technical question to you, one I would ask in an interview. No rules apply here (other than, you know, laws... and common decency but the questions shouldn't steer you in that direction anyways)

Rule 1

  • If you have more than 2 endorsements sent to me I will assume you don't respect my time and disqualify you due to the tenants of the contest. I am a single person looking through every person's submissions in this contest. I don't have infinite time to do so.

Rule 2

  • If you cannot seem to follow the directions as they are laid out in the above document, you will be disqualified. Read carefully.

Rule 3

  • Random mentions sent to me on Twitter are not Direct Messages, people vouching for you, or endorsements this way will be ignored and not count towards your contest submissions.

Note: "Person X asked me to shoot you a DM endorsing them for the contest you are running. This is that DM" is not a ringing endorsement. If you put half an effort into asking for endorsements, those who endorse you will probably do the same. Just an FYI.

DEADLINE: 2 weeks from today. November 12th at Noon ET / 4:00 PM GMT

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notpike commented Oct 29, 2019

Cool! Thanks for doing this! :D

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opsxcq commented Oct 29, 2019

I really appreciate this, it is a really good gesture.
I wish luck to all those who pass the challenges and then will face the test later !

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Zotter commented Oct 29, 2019

Dude, freak'n rocks - you doing this. More power to ya!

And those that venture in to this - all the best and know you're not alone.

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Thanks for doing this bud!

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THIS I have NEVER! Whether I win or not, may the blessing of this good deed be returned to you 100x !

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I never thought this was possible!! Gratitude isn't a good enough word to describe it. Good luck to everyone and may this truly be a blessing to those who win!

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matticamp commented Oct 30, 2019

I find it amazing you feel the need to give back to the community this way.
That's how guys like you and my mentor Dave Kennedy can make a difference.
I won't hide a free OSCP voucher would come in handy to me, but I work as a pentester already and I paid for it myself a while ago.
I only need lab extensions right now.
There's people out there way more in need of that than I am, and way more deserving, who might not afford this chance and be held back by a series of circumstances, and for guys like you to step up and help them this is great.
Best of success, Rob!
I hope people will take this challenge the right way, which is try harder and not cheat harder.

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This type of offer, I have never seen👌

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Cr0wTom commented Oct 30, 2019

I do not need it, as my company just paid for it, but cool man, totally support you, and I am happy to see people like you in the industry. :)

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At last someone with the "sharing is caring" moto, thanks for this type of offer.

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mubix as always you are AMAZING!!!!

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pwnmeow commented Oct 30, 2019

Thanks a lot mubix. I might win or i might not but this is huge contribution towards the community thanks a lot

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Really cool man. I applied.

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Sicks3c commented Oct 30, 2019

Sometimes it is the people that no one imagine anything of who, do the things that no one can imagine

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Parabéns pela iniciativa!!

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This is just beyond generous and super cool!
Thanks and good luck everyone

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Mubix you rock. I can't ask for a scholarship as I can afford it, but you've motivated me to finally break down and take my best shot at getting my OSCP. Please let me know if the scholars you select could use a study partner.

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bloke28 commented Oct 31, 2019

Love your work! echo "You're a great person, The world needs more like you"

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n3tl0kr commented Oct 31, 2019

Good job brother, this could be a game changer for someone.

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This is very kind of you. Personally I am not anywhere near being able to go through PWK but I really appreciate that you are doing this!

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ghost commented Oct 31, 2019

nice hack

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hollerith commented Oct 31, 2019


sorry can't figure out how to create a pull request for a gist. never tried before and I've only been using git for about 10 years.

And thanks for doing this. I can think of a couple of people who would shred OSCP but just can't afford the fees.

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Very nice! I'll pass it along to people who I think might be interested.

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Although I am not applying as I think I can save money and pay for it, I want to extend a huge thank you anyway as I once had a lot of trouble saving up this kind of money for courses, so I know how it feels. :-)

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Hello Rob (@mubix),
I know it's been very long, but I am in real need of a voucher if you have got one. My annual household income is below 1500$ and hence I really can't pay for the course. If you could, please do help me in any way possible. Here is a link to my linkedIn profile for your perusal :

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Hello @mubix, is the offer for voucher give away still open? The cost for OSCP in my country's currency is somewhat equal to 90000(Indian rupees). If possible and you have a voucher left after giving to others(needy ones), I can make use of it.

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Hello, is this gesture still available?

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apolonio commented Jul 29, 2020 via email

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