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TeamSpeak SSH-Query Example using PHP
function connect($host, $port, $username, $password)
$connection = ssh2_connect($host, $port);
if (!$connection)
die('Connection failed');
if (!ssh2_auth_password($connection, $username, $password))
die('Authentication Failed...');
$stream = ssh2_shell($connection, 'raw');
if (!$stream)
die('Opening Shell failed');
stream_set_blocking($stream, true);
return $stream;
function read_line($stream)
return stream_get_line($stream, PHP_INT_MAX, "\n\r");
function write_line($stream, $line)
fwrite($stream, $line . "\n");
function execute($stream, $command)
$result = array();
write_line($stream, $command);
do {
$line = read_line($stream);
array_push($result, $line);
} while ($line && substr($line, 0, 5) != "error");
return $result;
$stream = connect('localhost', 10022, 'serveradmin', 'secret');
$header = read_line($stream);
if ($header != "TS3")
die('Not a TS3-Server...');
$motd = read_line($stream);
print("Executing 'whoami'...\n");
$result = execute($stream, 'whoami');
execute($stream, 'quit');
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