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mulderp / gist:7045228
Created Oct 18, 2013
nested promises
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function allMovies() {
return client.smembersAsync('movies.ids').then(function(ids) {
var movies =, function(id) {
return client.hmgetAsync("movies:" + id, 'title', 'description', 'director', 'year').then(function(data) {
return {
title: data[0],
description: data[1],
director: data[2],
year: data[3]
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var iconv_latin1 = new Iconv('latin1', 'utf-8');
assert.deepEqual(iconv_latin1.convert("L��nitz"), "Lößnitz");
throw new assert.AssertionError({
AssertionError: [76,195,175,194,191,194,189,195,175,194,191,194,189,110,105,116,122] deepEqual "Lößnitz"
at Object.<anonymous> (/Users/pmu/projects/github/node-iconv/test/test-basic.js:37:8)
at Module._compile (module.js:456:26)
at Object.Module._extensions..js (module.js:474:10)
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var fs = require("fs");
var stream = fs.createReadStream("test.xml", {encoding: "UTF-8"});
var out = fs.createWriteStream("out.json", {encoding: "UTF-8"});
var sax = require("sax");
var parser = sax.createStream(true);
parser.on("opentag", function (node) {
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f ="u.item_utf8")
ls = f.readlines
puts "["
ls.each do |l|
fs = l.split("|")
/(.*) \((\d+)\)$/.match(fs[1])
title = $1
year = $2
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1) SignupPresenter#save saves records when there are valid
Failure/Error: User.count.should be 1
expected #<Fixnum:3> => 1
got #<Fixnum:5> => 2
Compared using equal?, which compares object identity,
but expected and actual are not the same object. Use
`expect(actual).to eq(expected)` if you don't care about
object identity in this example.
mulderp / gist:7089766
Created Oct 21, 2013
redis movies import
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var url = require('url');
var _ = require('underscore');
var querystring = require('querystring');
var Promise = require("bluebird");
//assume client is a redisClient
var now = (typeof === 'function')? : function(){
return +(new Date());
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"id": 12,
"genres": [
"rating": 0,
"description": "A silent movie star meets a young dancer, but the arrival of talking pictures sends their careers in opposite directions.",
"title": "The Artist",
mulderp / createUser
Created Oct 11, 2013
User signup with Node and Redis
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function createUser(raw, success_cb, fail_cb) {
var userId;
function(cb) {
// Increase
client.hincrby('users', 'count', 1, cb);
mulderp / gist:6628444
Created Sep 19, 2013
Stretcher test new SearchResults
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server ='http://localhost:9200', :log_level => :debug)
server.index(:moviesdb1).create(mappings: {movie: {properties: {title: {type: 'string'}, genres: {type: 'string', index_name: 'genre1'}}}})
# [Stretcher][DEBUG]: curl -XPUT http://localhost:9200/moviesdb1 -d '{"mappings":{"movie":{"properties":{"title":{"type":"string"},"genres":{"type":"string","index_name":"genre1"}}}}}' '-H Accept: application/json' '-H Content-Type: application/json' '-H User-Agent: Stretcher Ruby Gem 1.20.0.beta1'
# => #<Hashie::Mash acknowledged=true ok=true>
server.index(:moviesdb1).type(:movie).put(1, { title: 'The Artist', genres: ['Drama', 'Comedy']})
server.index(:moviesdb1).type(:movie).put(2, { title: 'Taxi Driver', genres: ['Drama', 'Action']})
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# Index
curl -XPUT http://localhost:9200/pictures/ -d '
"settings": {
"analysis": {
"analyzer": {
"index_analyzer": {
"tokenizer": "standard",
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