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I'm doing GitOps( Personally I've been using brigade and atlantis for their respective sweet-spots.

However, all the existing solutions had required me to maintain machines to host them. Something that works in long term without my hand is always appreciated.


I'd like it a lot if Codefresh added "Slack" or more generically "Webhook" as pipeline triggers.

An example of pain points that can be resolved

To start a audited deployment session, I open a a GitHub pull request per new deployment. You add pull request comments or browse to the pipeline page provided by your CI provider like CircleCI to trigger pipelines of your choice.

Today I need to create a new pull request manunally. How can I automate it without toil?

Slack/Webhook pipeline trigger to rescue

A "slack" pipeline trigger would allow a a chat message in a slack channel like "@mybot start deployment " to trigger a codefresh pipeline to create a pull request.

All the remaining tasks can be done with CodeFresh + "GitHub" pipeline triggers (of pull request open/close/comment events and so on, that exists today)

A "slack" or "webhook" trigger seems to be the only missing piece in this picture today. That's why I'm writing this feature request.

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