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muradm / polyfill.ts
Created Jan 24, 2020
Angular polyfill.ts for remote console log
View polyfill.ts
import 'zone.js/dist/zone' // Angular requirement
(window as any).enableRemoteLog = () => {
(window as any).originalConsole = console
const axios = import('axios')
console = (Object.keys(console) as (keyof Console)[])
.map(k =>
typeof console[k] === 'function'
? {
[k]: (...args: any[]) => {
View angular-schema-link.ts
muradm / mongodb+3.1.12.patch
Created Jan 17, 2019
node mongodb patch to avoid makeLazyLoader
View mongodb+3.1.12.patch
--- a/node_modules/mongodb/lib/operations/collection_ops.js
+++ b/node_modules/mongodb/lib/operations/collection_ops.js
@@ -18,13 +18,12 @@ const handleCallback = require('../utils').handleCallback;
const indexInformationDb = require('./db_ops').indexInformation;
const isObject = require('../utils').isObject;
const Long = require('mongodb-core').BSON.Long;
-const makeLazyLoader = require('../utils').makeLazyLoader;
const MongoError = require('mongodb-core').MongoError;
const ReadPreference = require('mongodb-core').ReadPreference;
muradm / Graph.scala
Last active Dec 17, 2018
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import scala.collection.immutable.{HashMap, Set}
sealed trait Edge[T] {
def tail: T
def head: T
sealed trait WeightedEdge[T] extends Edge[T] {
muradm / IntelliJ_IDEA__Perf_Tuning.txt
Last active Jul 28, 2018 — forked from P7h/IntelliJ_IDEA__Perf_Tuning.txt
Performance tuning parameters for IntelliJ IDEA. Add these params in idea64.exe.vmoptions or idea.exe.vmoptions file in IntelliJ IDEA. If you are using JDK 8.x, please knock off PermSize and MaxPermSize parameters from the tuning configuration.
View IntelliJ_IDEA__Perf_Tuning.txt
muradm / TestCop1.scala
Created Jun 27, 2018
Multi type type-class
View TestCop1.scala
import shapeless.{:+:, CNil, Coproduct, Generic, Lazy}
object TestCop1 extends App {
sealed trait MyState
case class MyState1() extends MyState
// case class MyState2() extends MyState
// case class MyState3() extends MyState
sealed trait MyEvent
View AvroTest1.scala
type COPArg = Long :+: String :+: Int :+: CNil
case class NonADT(name: String, surname: String)
object NonADT {
implicit val nonAdt: AvroType[NonADT] = record2("NonADT")(NonADT.apply)(
"name" -> member(string,,
"surname" -> member(string, _.surname)
View consul_failure_info.log
muradm@lab1:~$ docker exec -it consul.4w3626u9ki8meruhush6arvhf.02vg6igz9xb7sm5v36lfk9bh0 consul info
check_monitors = 0
check_ttls = 0
checks = 0
services = 1
prerelease =
revision = 'a189091
version = 0.7.0
muradm / consul_failure.log
Created Sep 30, 2016
Consul failure in swarm mode
View consul_failure.log
2016-09-30T07:23:07.179341+04:00 lab1 consul[36768]: ==> Found address '' for interface 'eth2', setting bind option...
2016-09-30T07:23:07.187363+04:00 lab1 consul[36768]: ==> Starting Consul agent...
2016-09-30T07:23:07.409924+04:00 lab1 consul[36768]: ==> Starting Consul agent RPC...
2016-09-30T07:23:07.410140+04:00 lab1 consul[36768]: ==> Consul agent running!
2016-09-30T07:23:07.410273+04:00 lab1 consul[36768]: Version: 'v0.7.0'
2016-09-30T07:23:07.410373+04:00 lab1 consul[36768]: Node name: '1ec48b592c2f'
2016-09-30T07:23:07.410445+04:00 lab1 consul[36768]: Datacenter: 'lab-dc'
2016-09-30T07:23:07.410512+04:00 lab1 consul[36768]: Server: true (bootstrap: false)
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