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KO model with getters/setters and json update support
function FooModel () {
Object.defineProperties(this, {
_foo: {
value: ko.observable(,
enumerable: true,
configurable: true
_bar: {
value: ko.observable(x.server_id || x.instance_id || x.instanceId),
enumerable: true,
configurable: true
_dontupdatethisone: {
value: ko.observable(x.project_id),
enumerable: true,
configurable: true
var self = this;
// Generate public properties and Obs suffixed accessors; make source
// property "private"
var generateProperties = function (key) {
// Create a property that accesses the underlying observable
Object.defineProperty(self, key.substring(1) + "Obs", {
enumerable: true,
value: self[key]
// Create the "public" property
Object.defineProperty(self, key.substring(1), {
enumerable: true,
get: function () { return self[key](); },
set: function (n) { self[key](n); }
// Hide the "private" property
Object.defineProperty(self, key, {
enumerable: false, configurable: false
// Generate additional properties for all _-prefixed properties
.filter(function (key) { return _.startsWith(key, "_"); })
/*** Handle Updating ***/
// map the keys in json to the properties on your model
var desiredKeys = {
"foo": "foo",
"bar": "bar"
Object.defineProperty(self, 'updateFromJson', {
enumerable: true,
value: function (data) {
.forEach(function (key) {
var modelKey = desiredKeys[key];
if (!modelKey) return;
if ( !_.isEqual(self[modelKey], data[key]) )
self[modelKey] = data[key]; // I can use = syntax because I use Object.defineproperty with setters

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muraiki commented Mar 19, 2015

whoops, FooModel should take an argument, x, which is used in the constructor. and you can see various bits of OpenStack data structures referenced there, hehe

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