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Simple Django RestView view class
from django.http import HttpResponse, JsonResponse, HttpResponseForbidden, HttpResponseNotAllowed, HttpResponseNotFound
from django.forms.models import model_to_dict
from django.db.models import Model
from django.db.models.query import QuerySet
from functools import wraps
from django.utils.decorators import available_attrs
from django.core import serializers
class PermissionError(Exception):
class RestView(object):
Subclass this and add GET / POST / etc methods.
allowed_methods = ('GET', 'PUT', 'POST', 'DELETE', 'HEAD', 'OPTIONS')
authenticated_methods = ('PUT', 'POST', 'DELETE')
_allowed_methods = []
request = None
response_type = 'json'
jsonp_callbackfn = 'callback'
def __init__(self):
self._allowed_methods = [method for method in self.allowed_methods if hasattr(self, method)]
def __call__(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
self.request = request
method = request.method.upper()
if method == 'GET' and request.GET.get('callback'):
self.response_type = 'jsonp'
self.jsonp_callbackfn = request.GET.get('callback')
if not method in self._allowed_methods:
return self.method_not_allowed()
if method in self.authenticated_methods and not request.user.is_authenticated():
return self.authentication_required()
return getattr(self, method)(request, *args, **kwargs)
except PermissionError:
return self.permission_required()
def check_permission(self, perm):
if not isinstance(perm, (list, tuple)):
perms = (perm, )
perms = perm
# Check if the user has the permission (even anon users)
if not self.request.user.has_perms(perms):
raise PermissionError("PERMISSION_REQUIRED")
def permission_required(self):
return HttpResponse('401 Unauthorized', status=401)
def authentication_required(self):
return HttpResponseForbidden(self._allowed_methods)
def method_not_allowed(self, allowed_methods):
return HttpResponseNotAllowed()
def not_found(self):
return HttpResponseNotFound()
def response(self, context, success=True, errors=[]):
if isinstance(context, Model):
context = model_to_dict(context)
if isinstance(context, QuerySet):
context = list(context)
json_response = JsonResponse({'success': success, 'data': context, 'errors': errors}, safe=False)
if self.response_type == 'jsonp':
return HttpResponse('%s(%s)' % (self.jsonp_callbackfn, json_response.content), content_type='text/javascript')
return json_response
class TestView(RestView):
    allowed_methods = ('GET', 'PUT')
    authenticated_methods = ('PUT',)

    def GET(self, request):
        data = {'operationResult': True}
        return self.response(data)
    def PUT(self, request):
        data = {'object': True}
        return self.response(data)
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