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Created March 22, 2012 06:44
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#!/usr/bin/env python
# coding:utf-8
import re
import requests
class Hanako:
COOKIE_URL = '{0}&AreaCode={1}'
def __init__(self, area_code, mst_code):
self._area_code = area_code
self._mst_code = mst_code
self._info = []
def _get_info(self):
url = self.COOKIE_URL.format(self._mst_code, self._area_code)
cookie = self._send_request(url).cookies
content = self._send_request(self.INFO_URL, cookie).content
matcher = re.compile(r'<td><font size="2">(?P<hour>[^<]*)</font></td><td align="Right"><font size="2">(?P<pollen>[^<]*)</font></td><td align="Right"><font size="2">(?P<wd>[^<]*)</font></td><td align="Right"><font size="2">(?P<ws>[^<]*)</font></td><td align="Right"><font size="2">(?P<temp>[^<]*)</font></td><td align="Right"><font size="2">(?P<prec>[^<]*)</font></td><td align="Right"><font size="2">(?P<prec_bool>[^<]*)</font></td>')
self._info = [m.groupdict() for m in matcher.finditer(content)]
def _send_request(self, url, cookie=None):
r = requests.get(url, cookies=cookie)
if r.status_code != 200:
raise Exception(u'HTTP status is ' + r.status_code)
return r
def get(self, hour):
if 1 > hour or 24 < hour:
raise ValueError('Hour is betweet 1 and 24')
if hour > len(self._info):
raise Exception(u'That time is not measured')
return self._info[hour - 1]
def now(self):
return self.get(len(self._info))
def today(self):
return self._info
if __name__ == '__main__':
hanako = Hanako('05', '52310100')
print #最新のデータ
print hanako.get(10) #10時のデータ
print #今日のデータ全て
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