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A List Apart migration plan
0. Make sure local and dev files are in synch.
1. turn off comments on prod
... by hiding the comment form
2. clear caches on prod
3. turn off local
4. clear caches on local
5. make local copy of prod db
6. back up local db
7. replace local db with prod db
8. restore the EECMS `installer` folder on local
... update config file with _old_ version number
9. run upgrade on local db
... "install" freemember (modules)
... "install" the Field Pack fieldtypes
... "install" Freeform
... enable NSM Email Login (extensions)
... manually update matrix and playa (by going into them, seeing the error, backing out, then going in again)
... restore the email capture form
10. test and copy local to dev
11. migrate eecms repo files to newprod
12. deploy alistapart repo to newprod
13. migrate dev db to newprod
14. manually update Matrix and Playa by going to their settings pages in newprod
15. test
16. (quantum state a) Send request to point DNS to new server.
16. (quantum state b) Do not change DNS. Cry.
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