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@murtaugh murtaugh/autogrow.js forked from jlong/jquery.autogrow.js
Last active Dec 19, 2015

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I un-plugin-ified this for my own purposes.
$(document).ready(function (){
$('textarea[data-autoresize]').on('input propertychange', function() {
Functions for auto-resizing textareas.
Based in great part on John Long's autogrow plugin:
For a more consistent user experience you should apply resize: none to auto-resizing textareas in your CSS.
The plugin needs to apply it on its own, so it's better that it not be there at all. (That said, you probably
want to apply that style only when JS is avaialble.)
var properties = ['-webkit-appearance','-moz-appearance','-o-appearance','appearance','font-family','font-size','font-weight','font-style','border','border-top','border-right','border-bottom','border-left','box-sizing','padding','padding-top','padding-right','padding-bottom','padding-left','min-height','max-height','line-height'], escaper = $('<span />');
function escape(string) {
return escaper.text(string).text().replace(/\n/g, '<br>');
function autoResize(which) {
if (!'autogrow-applied')) {
var textarea = which, initialHeight = textarea.innerHeight(), expander = $('<div />'), timer = null;
// Setup expander
expander.css({'position': 'absolute', 'visibility': 'hidden', 'bottom': '110%'})
$.each(properties, function(i, p) { expander.css(p, textarea.css(p)); });
// Setup textarea
textarea.css({'overflow-y': 'hidden', 'resize': 'none', 'box-sizing': 'border-box'});
// Sizer function
function sizeTextarea() {
timer = setTimeout(function() {
var value = escape(textarea.val()) + '<br>z';
expander.css('width', textarea.innerWidth() + 2 + 'px');
textarea.css('height', Math.max(expander.innerHeight(), initialHeight) + 2 + 'px');
}, 100); // throttle by 100ms
// Bind sizer to IE 9+'s input event and Safari's propertychange event
textarea.on('input.autogrow propertychange.autogrow', sizeTextarea);
// Set the initial size
// Record autogrow applied'autogrow-applied', true);

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murtaugh commented Jul 3, 2013

Along with the obvious change, I also:

  1. repositioned the hidden div based on bottom rather than top
  2. mmmm that's it really.
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