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Last active September 1, 2021 18:21
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bash file to update .net core daily build, to be used using `dn-pre`. ASSUMES: you already have ~/bin folder and included in the PATH
set -eu
rm -rf ~/bin/dotnet-daily || true
mkdir ~/bin/dotnet-daily || true
wget -P ~/bin/dotnet-daily/
chmod +x ~/bin/dotnet-daily/
~/bin/dotnet-daily/ -c main -v latest --install-dir ~/bin/dotnet-daily
#wget -P ~/bin/dotnet-daily/
#tar -xzvf ~/bin/dotnet-daily/dotnet-sdk-linux-x64.tar.gz -C ~/bin/dotnet-daily
#echo "Checksum -> " $(sha1sum ~/bin/dotnet-daily/dotnet-sdk-linux-x64.tar.gz)
#rm ~/bin/dotnet-daily/dotnet-sdk-linux-x64.tar.gz
rm ~/bin/dotnet-daily/
rm ~/bin/dn-pre || true
ln -s ~/bin/dotnet-daily/dotnet ~/bin/dn-pre
# bunch of symlinks
sudo rm /usr/share/dotnet/dotnet-pre || true
sudo ln -s ~/bin/dotnet-daily/dotnet /usr/share/dotnet/dotnet-pre
sudo rm /usr/bin/dotnet-pre || true
sudo ln -s ~/bin/dotnet-daily/dotnet /usr/bin/dotnet-pre
echo "Done, use dotnet-pre or dn-pre to use the latest .NET Core SDK Daily Build"
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