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Generate ivt binary for use when running an imx6 SoC in HAB mode. Helper towards signing kernel images.
def gen_ivt(loadaddr, image_file):
'''Generate imx SoC ivt
loadaddr int. Hex representing load address in ram for uboot.
Can be obtained from your u-boot.cfg build file.
image_file string. filename and path to binary image. If
generating ivt for signing kernel image, ensure kernel
image file is pre-padded.
Generates binary file called ivt.bin which can be appended to kernel.
import os
img_size = os.stat(image_file).st_size
output_file = 'ivt.bin'
# Shouldn't change. Tag=0xD1, Length=0x0020, Ver=0x41
ivt_header = 0x412000D1
# mem size boundary
mem_boundary = 0x1000 # 4096 bytes
# Jump Location
jump_loc = loadaddr + mem_boundary
# ivt size 32 bytes. Fixed.
ivt_size = 0x20
# Self pointer
self_pointer = loadaddr + img_size
# csf pointer
csf_pointer = self_pointer + ivt_size
print('Creating ivt.\n{} size:{}'.format(image_file,hex(img_size)))
with open(output_file,'wb') as ivt_file:
ivt_file.write((0x0).to_bytes(4,byteorder="little")) # Reserved
ivt_file.write((0x0).to_bytes(4,byteorder="little")) # DCD pointer
ivt_file.write((0x0).to_bytes(4,byteorder="little")) # Boot data
ivt_file.write((0x0).to_bytes(4,byteorder="little")) # Reserved
print('New {} size is {}'.format(output_file,os.stat(output_file).st_size))
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