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Use puppeteer browser with Cypress to avoid installing browsers on your system yourself or in CI
const puppeteer = require('puppeteer')
* Because no browsers are bundled with Cypress we will use the already installed
* puppeteer binary that we use for Karma. This function returns information
* about the latest downloaded binary for Chrome by Puppeteer. It works for now
* but might throw errors in future, it is a workaround not a plugin.
* @see
async function getPuppeteerBrowser() {
const browserFetcher = puppeteer.createBrowserFetcher()
const revisions = await browserFetcher.localRevisions()
const revision = revisions[0] // we only care about the first revision
const info = browserFetcher.revisionInfo(revision)
* We only care about chrome and we do not want to get interrupted by a browser
* window so it is started headless.
const browser = await puppeteer.launch({
product: 'chrome',
headless: true,
let browserVersion = await browser.version()
browserVersion = browserVersion.replace('HeadlessChrome/', '')
await browser.close() // !!!
return {
name: 'chrome',
channel: 'stable',
family: 'chromium',
displayName: 'Chrome',
version: browserVersion,
path: info.executablePath,
majorVersion: browserVersion.split('.')[0],
module.exports = async (_, config) => {
const chromeBrowser = await getPuppeteerBrowser()
return config
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