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Convert Timestamp Between Timezones
import datetime
from dateutil import parser as date_parser
from dateutil import tz
def convert_timestamp_timezone(timestamp, from_tz="UTC", to_tz="UTC"):
function to convert a string timestamp between timezones
@timestamp - A string timestamp (dateutil.parser will be used to parse)
@from_tz - A string, the current timezone as a string.
@to_tz - A string, the timezone to convert the time to.
Refer to: for a list of acceptable TZ strings
timestamp = date_parser.parse(timestamp)
from_tz = tz.gettz(from_tz)
to_tz = tz.gettz(to_tz)
tz_aware_timestamp = timestamp.replace(tzinfo=from_tz)
converted_timestamp = tz_aware_timestamp.astimezone(to_tz)
return converted_timestamp
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