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Markdown Cheat Sheet
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Moacir P. de Sá Pereira
Markdown Cheat Sheet

Markdown Cheat Sheet headline

Regular text (subhead)

Markdown is an easy way to write human readable .txt documents that also have some simple formatting in them that make them render nicely when viewed, for example, on GitHub. In this way, you can easily write in italics or in bold while still writing simple text. The only difference is that Markdown files end in .md, not .txt. You can even include links, as above. But here is one more link, to the GitHub guide, “Mastering Markdown

In Atom, GitHub’s text editor, you can even view pre-rendered Markdown by typing control-shift-m. That opens a new pane next to the raw Markdown that shows how the document looks formatted.


Markdown files also let you use Metadata. An example of Metadata is at the top of this document. The Metadata appears as a table in the preview pane and on GitHub. Notice that the tags field is filled with an array (a list surrounded by []). This is why the result is that each tag is in its own little cell. Also note that the date is expanded automagically.

Don't forget the three hyphens (---) before and after the Metadata section!


  • Making
  • an
  • unordered list
  • is
  • easy
    • as is making it nested.
  1. The same
  2. system
  3. is used
  4. for ordered
  5. lists.
  • Oh and
    1. you can
    2. mix them
  • wow!

Lists usually need two returns between them to break them up.


Markdown all the things

Look, an image!

For More…

See the GitHub Guide to Markdown

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