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Created February 25, 2018 11:35
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django-bootstrap4 errors at fields
from bootstrap4.renderers import FormRenderer, FieldRenderer
from bootstrap4.text import text_value
class FieldErrorFormRenderer(FormRenderer):
Adapted version of Bootstrap 4 FormRenderer, that shows error messages
at the field, rather than at the top.
def _render(self):
return self.render_errors('non_fields') + self.render_fields()
class WithErrorFieldRenderer(FieldRenderer):
Adapted version of Bootstrap 4 FieldRenderer, that shows error messages
at the field, rather than at the top.
def add_field_errors(self, html):
if not self.field.errors:
return html
errhtml = '<div class="{0:s} alert alert-danger" role="alert">'.format(self.error_css_class)
for error in self.field.errors:
errhtml += '<p>' + error + '</p>'
errhtml += '</div>'
html += errhtml
return html
def _render(self):
# See if we're not excluded
if in self.exclude.replace(' ', '').split(','):
return ''
# Hidden input requires no special treatment
if self.field.is_hidden:
return text_value(self.field)
# Render the widget
html = self.field.as_widget(attrs=self.widget.attrs)
# Start post render
html = self.post_widget_render(html)
html = self.wrap_widget(html)
html = self.make_input_group(html)
html = self.append_to_field(html)
html = self.add_field_errors(html)
html = self.wrap_field(html)
html = self.add_label(html)
html = self.wrap_label_and_field(html)
return html
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mverleg commented Feb 25, 2018

With these settings:

BOOTSTRAP4 = dict(

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