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<script type="text/javascript">
alert("boom baby")
iPXE initialising devices...UNDINIC 0x1fc28 using UNDI 0x2014a360
UNDINIC 0x1fc28 has MAC address 08:00:27:51:39:06 and IRQ 11
UNDINIC 0x1fc28 has type DIX+802.3, speed 100000000, flags 00001c13
UNDINIC 0x1fc28 using interrupt mode
UNDINIC 0x1fc28 added

iPXE 1.20.1+ (gebff2) -- Open Source Network Boot Firmware --
* This plugin makes sure karma doesn't run any specs when there's a
* compilation error in a module by including a module even if the module has errors.
* Webpack's normal behaviour is to not include modules which have errors,
* which causes Karma to run all the tests without the failed spec.
* Some links to where this magic actually happens in Webpack: