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Last active Oct 30, 2019
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LRU Cache implemented with Doubly Linked List with sentinels and Hash Map.
from collections import deque
from dataclasses import dataclass
class LRUCache:
class Node:
"""Doubly Linked List (DLL) Node class to store value to be cached"""
key: int = None
val: int = None
prev: Node = None
next_: Node = None
def __init__(self, capacity: int) -> None:
"""Create DLL with sentinels technique"""
self.router = dict()
self.capacity = capacity
self.head = LRUCache.Node()
self.head.next_ = self.head
self.tail = self.head.next_
self.tail.prev = self.head
def get(self, key: int) -> int:
"""Get item from LRU cache by O(1) time"""
node = self.router.get(key, None)
if node:
return node.val
return -1
def put(self, key: int, value: int) -> None:
"""Put item in LRU cache with O(1) by time"""
# Check if such value is already in cache
node = self.router.get(key, None)
if node:
node.val = value
if len(self.router) == self.capacity:
last_node = self.tail.prev
new_node = LRUCache.Node(key, value)
self.router[key] = new_node
def __remove(self, node: Node) -> None:
"""Remove node from DLL"""
prev = node.prev
next_ = node.next_
prev.next_ = next_
next_.prev = prev
def __add(self, node: Node) -> None:
"""Add Node to DLL"""
cur = self.head.next_
self.head.next_ = node
node.prev = self.head
node.next_ = cur
cur.prev = node
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