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Pre-commit hook for DocBlox
echo PHP_EOL;
// output a little introduction
echo '>> Starting unit tests' . PHP_EOL;
// get the name for this project; probably the topmost folder name
$projectName = basename(getcwd());
// execute unit tests (it is assumed that a phpunit.xml configuration is present
// in the root of the project)
exec('phpunit', $output, $returnCode); // cwd is assumed here
// if the build failed, output a summary and fail
if ($returnCode !== 0) {
// find the line with the summary; this might not be the last
while (($minimalTestSummary = array_pop($output)) !== null) {
if (strpos($minimalTestSummary, 'Tests:') !== false) {
// output the status
echo '>> Test suite for ' . $projectName . ' failed:' . PHP_EOL;
echo $minimalTestSummary;
echo chr(27) . '[0m' . PHP_EOL; // disable colors and add a line break
echo PHP_EOL;
// abort the commit
echo '>> All tests for ' . $projectName . ' passed.' . PHP_EOL;
echo PHP_EOL;
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