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Last active October 29, 2021 00:48
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Dockerfile for benchmarking Bert Base Uncased Model in GCP (multiple threads execution + openmp disabled for onnxruntime)
# Install TF entreprise
WORKDIR /workspace
# onnxruntime version >= 1.8 replaced OMP with thread pool:
RUN pip install --no-cache-dir --upgrade pip && \
pip install --upgrade torch==1.8.1+cpu -f && \
pip install coloredlogs sympy onnx tf2onnx onnxruntime==1.8.1 transformers==4.6.0 py-cpuinfo py3nvml
# Service account credentials are required to store benchmark results in a GCS bucket.
# Requirements before building this image.
# 1. Create a gcs bucket named gs://bert-inference-results
# 2. Create a service account and grant it access to the GCS bucket.
RUN gcloud auth activate-service-account --key-file=/workspace/<SERVICE_ACCOUNT_KEY_FILE>.json
COPY ./ /workspace/
COPY ./bert-base-uncased /workspace/bert-base-uncased
# Zip the onnxruntime customized benchmark scripts from
# Add the zipped file to workspace
ADD onnxruntime_benchmark.tar.gz /workspace
CMD [ "./" ]
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