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Last active July 21, 2024 17:06
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A guide to replacing the deprecated `seaborn.distplot` function.
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Thank you. That was useful.

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This is very helpful. Thank you.

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Nyantahi commented Jan 6, 2024

getting unexpected keyword argument 'hist' when I try to disable histogram, when I am trying to just show density curve

ax1 = sns.displot(df['price'], hist=False, color="r", label="Actual Value")
sns.displot(Yhat, hist=False, color="b", label="Fitted Values" , ax=ax1)

1195 func = getattr(self, f"set_{k}", None) 1196 if not callable(func): -> 1197 raise AttributeError( 1198 errfmt.format(cls=type(self), prop_name=k)) 1199 ret.append(func(v)) 1200 if ret:

AttributeError: Rectangle.set() got an unexpected keyword argument 'hist'

You have to use kind="kde" and remove hist="False" like the code below:

ax1 = sns.displot(df['price'], kind="kde", color="r", label="Actual Value")
sns.displot(Y_hat, color="b", kind="kde", label="Fitted Values", ax=ax1) 

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fanel27 commented Feb 18, 2024

Thank you for the explanations!

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eluseful commented Mar 4, 2024

Thanks, good stuff!

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Thanks, is perfect

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Good Explaination

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cool, now I know what to do lol.

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Thank you sir...This notebook was a great help

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win7 commented Jun 12, 2024

Thanks, it was a great...

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abdme777 commented Jul 4, 2024

Hello, thanks for your guidness. I try your help untill in[12] but i get this message name 'df ' is not defined. please help to solve this problem. my python version is 3.11.

can your share your code to fix the error

I guess you figured out that df is just the variable Mr. Waskom used for his dataset.

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Not sure who manages this webpage , but this still refers to distplot

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