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Created January 20, 2012 19:00
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Meeting Notes for the Apache Cordova 1.4 Release

PhoneGap 1.4 Release Meeting



  • Style guide
  • Roadmap
    • Brian would like everyone to review it
    • Voice interest if you want to work on a certain feature

Cordova Website

  • Patrick kicked it off
  • Yohei is also working on it
    • Dividing his time between and Cordova


  • Open source project
  • Contributor focused
  • Contribution process


  • User space
  • App focus

Release Script

  • Steve is working on it
    • Written in node.js
    • Shells out to each platform build script
    • Steve and Brian will be posting details on it onto the mailing-list today
  • Goal is to cut Apache releases with this script
  • Patrick requires node.js for Weinre.
    • He is working with Apache to get node.js on their servers for automated builds

Upcoming Apache Release

  • 1.4 is too early
  • Bryce feels like 1.5 is a do-able timeframe for the first Apache release

1.4 Release

  • January 31, 2012 (Tentative)
  • Not enough time for an Apache release

1.5 Release

  • Target for Apache release
  • Renaming all of the code


  • Fil could use some more resources to help with other platforms
    • Jesse for WP7?
    • Shazron for iOS?
      • Package namespaces is one of the largest differences between iOS and the other platforms
      • iOS JavaScript also have a couple "global caste" functions for native-to-javascript communication
        • These will need to be removed or wrapped into the ios-utils function
        • The goal would be to avoid dropping these functions into the global namespace
    • Anis for Bada?
  • In the next week or two, Fil and Gord will do a connect session to explain the code
    • Schedule a time on the mailing-list

Android WebView Change Bug

  • Joe, Fil, and Anis
  • In Android 3/4, SDK switched from WebKit to Chrome
    • There is a bug where you cannot open Android assets (www/)
      • The fullpath is referenced in the native code, instead of a relative URL
    • Joe has a workaround using the Android "jail"
    • The side-effect is that all assets in "assets/www" would need to be moved into the "jail" on first run (at run-time)
    • A downfall is that run-time storage is doubled (original assets and jailed assets)
    • From the PhoneGap developer perspective, there is no change
  • The work is currently in a branch on the Android source
  • Bryce, Simon, Joe, Fil, and Anis should take this to the mailing list and schedule a Connect call for code-review
    • Based on the code-review, this feature will hit release 1.4 or 1.5

Getting Start Guides

  • Try to get these into the docs repository for 1.4


  • Has been a troublesome topic on Google Groups
  • Anis patched an Android bug for "*"
    • He proposed a consistent implementation across all platforms
    • Potentially follow the Opera standard for white-listing
  • White-listing should be documented on the docs site (Getting Started section)

Battery API

  • Simon just added tests to mobile-spec for the draft of the newest APIs
  • Fil: Are we switching to this spec?
  • Simon: Keep the existing spec, but begin implementing the new draft. Tell people that the existing spec will be gradually moving away.
  • Fil: Would like to see the updated Battery spec for 1.5 (not 1.4)
  • Debate: should we include it in Plugins XML by default?
    • Potential performance issues if we include it by default
    • At the moment, there is no performance issue if you do not subscribe to the event
    • However, the new Battery Spec would run from the beginning
    • This is leading into a "Plugins Definition" discussion
      • Take this onto the mailing-list


  • Brian: Should we move this into cordova-js?
  • Fil: No, they are difficult to use as automated unit tests. We can move certain parts into the unit tests, but we should keep mobile-spec on its own.

Git Repository Tagging

  • Steve: Some of the repositories in* are missing tags
  • Bryce: Seconded. He has also noticed too
  • EVERYONE - please push all of the tags
    • git push --tags origin
    • where "origin" is the Apache GitHub and Apache Git Infra


  • For each platform, we need to document how Plugins XML works
  • For each platform, we need to document how to create a plugin
  • For each platform, we need to document how to use a plugin

Fixing Apache Repository Naming

  • At 1.5 we will fix the naming
    • cordova-blackberry-webworks => cordova-blackberry
    • cordova-iphone => cordova-ios
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