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What would you like to do?

Development Process

  • Describe a current or upcoming project that I might work on
  • How do you balance speed and quality?
  • Do you do code review? Does all code get reviewed?
  • What is your approach to testing?
  • What is the development process like?
  • Who is responsible for doing deployment? How often do you deploy?
  • How do you balance support work and feature development?
  • How often do you pair? What’s pairing like? How often do inexperienced people work directly with experienced people?
  • What’s the onboarding process like?
  • What’s your approach to technical debt?


  • Is there a written roadmap all developers can see? How far into the future does it extend? How closely is it followed?
  • How does engineering work get assigned?
  • How are technical decisions made and communicated?
  • How/when do developers talk to non-developers? Is it easy to talk to the people who are will be using your product?
  • How are decisions made? Is architecture dictated top down? Are ideas from anyone welcomed? If so, in what scope/context?
  • How are your teams structured? What is the management structure like?
  • How does internal communication work? (e.g. async, schedule meetings, Slack)

Professional Development

  • How do you support professional development
  • Do you have any mentoring/support for junior developers?
  • Do you contribute to open source projects? Which projects? Which teams work on open source?
  • Do your employees speak at conferences?
  • In what other ways do you support career development?


  • What are the company and engineering values?
  • What kinds of people really thrive in your organization?
  • Why do people come to work for you rather than a competitor, and why do you think they stay?
  • How often do you have meetings? Are there any scheduled/standing meetings? Who talks to customers (if appropriate) and how?
  • What is your turnover rate like? How many devs were hired last year and how many left?

Work/Life Balance

  • Is there on-call rotation?
  • What is a normal day/week like?
  • How often do people work remotely and from home


  • How is performance evaluated?
  • How much are you planning to hire in the next year?
  • Why did you choose to join this company?

These are tough to ask:

  • When do people get to office and leave?
  • How much vacation do people get? If there’s “unlimited” vacation, how much vacation do people normally take?
  • How many hours do people work in an average week? In your busiest weeks?
  • What time do people normally leave work?
  • How often are there emergencies or times when people have to work extra hours?
  • Do people work on the weekend?
  • Do people check in when they’re on vacation? How often?


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