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GTD/BASB Templates for Emacs and Org-Mode

GTD/BASB Templates for Emacs and Org-Mode


As I’ve said on Twitter, I don’t actually necessarily perform these on a chronological basis.

Do you do GTD-style reviews?

The reviews have chronological names but don’t need to be performed on those schedules. Do them when you need reorientation at different levels:

  • daily: tasks
  • weekly: projects
  • monthly: goals
  • annual: vision

These are configured as capture templates, but I wrap them with Emacs Lisp functions so that they do things like fetching my most recent calendar data. I then call those functions with a hydra for easy and mnemonic binding. See the sections in my Emacs config on Capture Templates and Reviews for the full context on how I use these.

Project Templates

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Howdy! Evaluating your templates for my own use, I came across broken links in the Daily Review template. Both the links in this line goes to 404 pages for me.

[ ] Schedule + refile tasks in Org Mode Inbox, Beorg’s Refile Location

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skizye commented Oct 4, 2019

Hello, I was watching your 11/14/2018 BASB video and noticed your templates are more up to date there. Is it possible you can refresh these GitHub ones with the latest ones you are using (or what is in the video)? Excellent videos and write-ups! Thank you!!

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These are really helpful. Thank you!

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