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Created Nov 7, 2017
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interface GitHub {
@RequestLine("GET /repos/{owner}/{repo}/contributors")
List<Contributor> contributors(@Param("owner") String owner, @Param("repo") String repo);
static class Contributor {
String login;
int contributions;
public static void main(String... args) {
MetricRegistry metricRegistry = new MetricRegistry();
final ConsoleReporter reporter = ConsoleReporter.forRegistry(metricRegistry).convertRatesTo(TimeUnit.SECONDS)
GitHub github = Feign.builder().invocationHandlerFactory(
new FeignOutboundMetricsDecorator(new InvocationHandlerFactory.Default(), metricRegistry))
.decoder(new GsonDecoder()).target(GitHub.class, "");
// Fetch and print a list of the contributors to this library.
List<Contributor> contributors = github.contributors("mwiede", "metrics-feign");
for (Contributor contributor : contributors) {
System.out.println(contributor.login + " (" + contributor.contributions + ")");
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