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Michael Wieher mwieher

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App.House = DS.Model.extend({
doors: DS.hasMany('door');
App.Door = DS.Model.extend({
index: DS.attr(); //this doors position in the list of Many doors
house: DS.belongsTo('house');
App.DoorController = Ember.ObjectController.extend({
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App.House = DS.Model.extend({
address = DS.attr('string');
doors = DS.hasMany('door');
App.Door = DS.Model.extend({
wood = DS.attr('string');
}); () {
mwieher / gist:8559971
Created Jan 22, 2014
Django 1.4, Celery Camera, Integration
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from djcelery.snapshot import Camera
from django.db import transaction
class CustomCam(Camera):
def on_shutter(self, state, commit_every=100):
if not state.event_count:
if transaction.is_managed():
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