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Git hook to prevent merging staging branch into master branch

To use this hook:

  • add the prepare-commit-msg file at .git/hooks/prepare-commit-msg and edit as needed
  • make it executable: chmod +x .git/hooks/prepare-commit-msg
  • disable fast-forward merges: git config branch.master.mergeoptions "--no-ff"
  • that's it!

NOTE: after a failed merge from a forbidden branch, the working tree will still be in a MERGING state. To discard the local working copy state, run: git reset --merge

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# This git hook will prevent merging specific branches into master
# Put this file in your local repo, in the .git/hooks folder
# and make sure it is executable.
# The name of the file *must* be "prepare-commit-msg" for Git to pick it up.
def merge?
ARGV[1] == "merge"
def into_master?
current_branch = `git branch | grep '*' | sed 's/* //'`.chop
current_branch == "master"
def merge_msg
@msg ||= `cat .git/MERGE_MSG`
def from_branch
@from_branch = merge_msg.match(/Merge branch '(.*?)'/)[1]
def from_forbidden_branch?
if merge? && into_master? && from_forbidden_branch?
out = `git reset --merge`
puts " You are trying to merge #{from_branch} into the *master* branch."
puts " Surely you don't mean that?"
puts " run the following command now to discard your working tree changes:"
puts " git reset --merge"
exit 1
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hujuice commented Dec 27, 2017

Hello Mark,
inspired from your script, I'll change the regex on line 24. Perhaps you are interested in why.
My git log is:

$ git log|grep -i merge
    QA added post-merge
Merge: 057f1d6 9524480
    Merge remote-tracking branch 'integration/testHook' into hooks   <----------------------------------------------
Merge: b07a491 484fbc8
Merge: fe292ef 91b3669
    Merge branch 'master' of
Merge: 11c7a4b 99cf90e
    Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

I don't know if git can give other attributes to the branch, so the regex will become something like /Merge .*?branch '(.*?)'/


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hujuice commented Dec 27, 2017

If you are interested, I wrote the same in Bash, as sayd.
My purpose was different: avoid merge from remote branches other than master to master, so the logic is a bit different.
Note that I've found three types of MERGE_MSG.

What I hate and I cannot resolve is the suggestion provided by git at the end: git encourages to perform the commit.
Git says «Not committing merge; use 'git commit' to complete the merge.» as very last line. Git has the last world, grrr.
Do you have ideas about?

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