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Created July 11, 2022 18:28
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import tensorflow as tf
# Ensure TF does not see GPU and grab all GPU memory.
tf.config.set_visible_devices([], device_type='GPU')
import tensorflow_datasets as tfds
data_dir = '/tmp/tfds'
# Fetch full datasets for evaluation
# tfds.load returns tf.Tensors (or if batch_size != -1)
# You can convert them to NumPy arrays (or iterables of NumPy arrays) with tfds.dataset_as_numpy
mnist_data, info = tfds.load(name="mnist", batch_size=-1, data_dir=data_dir, with_info=True)
mnist_data = tfds.as_numpy(mnist_data)
train_data, test_data = mnist_data['train'], mnist_data['test']
num_labels = info.features['label'].num_classes
h, w, c = info.features['image'].shape
num_pixels = h * w * c
# Full train set
train_images, train_labels = train_data['image'], train_data['label']
train_images = jnp.reshape(train_images, (len(train_images), num_pixels))
train_labels = one_hot(train_labels, num_labels)
# Full test set
test_images, test_labels = test_data['image'], test_data['label']
test_images = jnp.reshape(test_images, (len(test_images), num_pixels))
test_labels = one_hot(test_labels, num_labels)
print('Train:', train_images.shape, train_labels.shape)
print('Test:', test_images.shape, test_labels.shape)
# Train: (60000, 784) (60000, 10)
# Test: (10000, 784) (10000, 10)
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