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Azure Deops Tag Branch on Build

Azure DevOps Pipeline Branch Tagging


It is possible to git repositories in Azure Devops as part of your automated build process.

Build Scripts

Manually checkout your git repository need the beginning of your job. Ensure to persist credentials so you can authenticate against git later.

  - checkout: self
    clean: true
    persistCredentials: true

Near the end if your build process you can add a script to add a tag to git.

  - script: |
            git config --global "AzureDevOps Agent"
            git tag "$(buildVersionTag)" --force
            git push origin "$(buildVersionTag)" --force
            echo "Tagging $(Build.Repository.Name) with $(buildVersionTag)"
    displayName: 'Tag Branch'
    condition: and(succeeded(), ne(variables['Build.Reason'], 'PullRequest'))

Make sure to configure the security in your project to allow the build to add tags and contibute

  1. Project Settings
  2. Repos/Repositories
  3. Select chosen repository (or global build account)
  4. Navigate to Security to build user
  5. Set "Contribute" and "Create tag" to "Allow"
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